We simply ask that you co-operate with us and the insurers to help avoid any un-necessary delays. Leave the rest to us, we will keep you fully updated at every stage on the progress of your claim.
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No! Our service extends to cover all of Northern Ireland.
We will arrange a temporary insurance substitute with your insurer’s for you, while you have our car, any costs incurred will be re-paid by the ‘at fault’ insurance company.
If your own car is repairable then until the repairs are complete or in the event of it being a write-off our agreement on your behalf with the Association of British Insurers allows for the hire car to be supplied to you for up to seven days from the day your settlement cheque is received.
Our large fleet includes many different makes of both prestige and mainstream cars; we can also easily supply different types of vans, and PSV’d Taxis. In fact, whatever your vehicle replacement requirement we will endeavor to provide it for you.
We have an extensive fleet of vehicles from hatchbacks and saloons to prestige and high performance vehicles and PSV’d Taxis so we can supply you with a vehicle that meets your needs.
We will need to see all driving licences and will require details of a debit or credit card for security purposes.
No, we can normally assist anybody and help change insurance. In exceptional circumstances we may need to arrange additional cover of our vehicle, the 3rd party will pay for this.
No, we can normally assist anybody and help temp insurance changeover. In exceptional circumstances we may need to arrange additional cover of our vehicle, the 3rd party will pay for this.
Don’t worry, we can still help you, we can recover your costs from the Motorist Insurers’ Bureau (MIB), an organisation that exists to compensate any innocent party who has been involved in an accident with an uninsured driver.
As long as you have been truthful about the accident circumstances and co-operate with us and the insurer for the duration of the claim, we will not seek to recover from you any costs that are unpaid.
The cost of the vehicle we supply you with will be recovered by us, on your behalf, from the other party’s insurer.
Let us have as much information as you possess, don’t worry if you are missing anything, we will investigate and make enquiries on your behalf.
It is best to always advise your insurer of an accident no matter who is at fault, but we will liaise with your insurers also and and take the hassle out of this.
FREE. We earn through the supply of the hire car and a claims handling fee, the cost of which is recovered under our agreement with the other driver’s insurer (at fault).
If you can prove the need for a replacement vehicle similar to your own and you had an non fault accident, you can hire a like for like replacement. The cost of that hire, for a period up to seven days after the write off cheque is received, is recoverable from the at fault party or their Insurance Company.
If you call your insurance company you will be required to claim under your own policy, you will have to pay your policy excess (if appropriate) and your policy is likely to only cover you for use of a small courtesy car while yours is being repaired. If your vehicle is a write-off you would not normally be provided with a courtesy car at all. If you call Impact NI there are a whole host of benefits your insurance company simply can’t provide including:- a ‘like for like’ replacement vehicle while yours is repaired, the ability to waive or reclaim payment of your policy excess, management of the repairs of your vehicle or a settlement cheque for a write-off and much more besides.

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